Global Wealth Inequality - 1995

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These are detailed figures, so they may take a little time to load. Wealth represents the total value of the assets hold by a household such as its savings, bonds and houses, minus its debts. Taller blocks correspond to higher wealth. Countries with larger populations are assigned wider blocks. Colours correspond to how rich the country is in 1995, with poorer countries shaded red and richer countries shaded green. Countries are ordered according to national income per capita in each year, while holding colours fixed from the 1995 ordering. Therefore, with these figures we can see wealth inequality within and across countries over time as well as changes in national income per capita. Try hovering over a block to learn more! Note that in some countries the lower deciles in the distribution have negative wealth. This indicates that on average people in these deciles are in debt.

Source: World Inequality Database

Countries with population size under 750,000 are omitted.